Thursday, February 12, 2009

What's happening in Mrs. Noren's Class...

On February 11/09, Mrs. Noren was giving a lesson on the phylum porifera in her biology 11 linear class in block C. It was the first day learning about porifera, which is part of the animal kingdom. the phylum porifera is also classified as "sponges" because they are found mostly in the sea, near the bottom, and they get their nutirents through little holes they have all over their bodies. The water moves in and out of these holes, bringing in food and taking out any waste.
- - - -

This is a photograph of Mrs. Noren describing an example to the entire class on the structure of the phylum porifera, and how the structure relates to the function. - - -

This picture of Krista Scott shows that the students were hard at work writing cornell notes on porifera, the sponges. - - -

For some students, like Jesse Fischer, listening to music helps them concentrate on their work (even though they'd rather talk to their friends).- - -

Sarah Williams and Sarah Burns help each other out with the notes. - - -

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